Welcome & congratulations…

So, what is Emerging Stars?

We bring together the brightest and best talent from across the Omnicom agencies in your region – the most amazing young people with a strong desire to succeed – and over the course of the program, we help kickstart your career.

Over three days, you’ll have a chance to meet other young people and together, you will receive a crash course in the best insight, innovation and creative methodologies that Omnicom have to offer. We’ll introduce you to our leading thinkers and you’ll get a chance to see inside some of the world’s best agencies…

You’ll then get a chance to work on a real, live, hands-on integrated marketing challenge. In small groups, you will have a chance to pitch a solution that you have designed, to one of our biggest and best group clients. Senior client stakeholders and Omnicom leaders will judge these idea pitches and provide feedback every step of the way.



You’re probably thinking ‘why me?!’

If you’ve been selected to take part in Emerging Stars it’s because we think you’re brilliant. Omnicom ask the leaders of each one of our 1,500+ agencies to recommend their top young talent to the program.

The ideal candidate:
— Is a superior contributor
— Consistently exceeds performance goals
— Is a cultural superstar within your agency
— Has clear potential to succeed
— Is someone we believe to be totally fabulous

Who will you meet on the Emerging Stars program?

You’ll be in a group of your peers. Everyone who participates in Emerging Stars is at the start of their career – young people with a maximum of 18 months experience (total).

You’ll meet Omnicom leaders – the big wigs who sit at group level and who run the business.

You’ll also meet agency thought leaders – the experts in their fields. You’ll have a chance to learn more about the diverse agency skills that sit across Omnicom & hear how our best businesses tackle different challenges.

Still got questions?

Have a watch over the videos and hear first hand from former participants all about Emerging Stars.

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